Formula For A Safe School

Open Heart + Open Mind =

Empathy + Security


Students who feel like their school provides a supportive, encouraging environment.

"The great gift of human beings is that we have the power to have empathy." ~Meryl Streep


Here's a quick read!

Do you listen, really listen to your children? Take 5-10 minutes out your day and build that relationship.

There's so much to learn!


Rigor or Compassion? 

You CAN have both!


Are we sacrificing teaching

humanity and ethics in order to

achieve academic and

intellectual gain?

Believe in students,

give them hope,

and restore the learning environment for all.


While the statement is simple, the consistency and work behind it is complex. It takes genuine effort, a true heart, and requires the education of the entire community.  Key to success is Social Emotional Learning and teaching practices starting in the earliest grades.

Follow through and strength in restorative practice for the intermediate and middle grades allow for discipline with hope and compassion, without any compromised values or academics.

Dena Albergo is a former Detroit area school administrator, with over 15 years of experience in that capacity. Currently completing an Education Specialist degree while teaching center-based high school age students with autism, she received her undergraduate degree in elementary education from Eastern Michigan University and a graduate degree in Education Administration from Madonna University. She currently resides in Livonia, Michigan with her 3 children.  She consults with

individual schools and districts, both public and private. Her services can be contracted through this website or through the Center for Educational Improvement (see link on Services page).  She has authored one children's book on grief and how to assist young children through its challenges.


Average scoring gain on academic standardized tests for students enrolled in

SEL programs.

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Students making academic gains when supported by

SEL programs.

  • Kids need support. Positive, hopeful support.
  • Parents need a toolbox to assist with that support. An emotional and loving, yet structured toolbox.
  • Teachers & schools need to work magic on a daily basis. Meeting diverse learning needs and fostering an emotionally safe environment for all students.
  • Research has shown time and again that suspension and expulsion is not the most effective way to assist students who struggle with behavior in school. These are the students who need positive influences in their lives more than ever.

For 20+ years, I have devoted energy and research into helping students succeed in school. A basic human need to be accepted and loved. Generally, if that need is met, we are capable of accomplishing great things. By focusing on students' social emotional needs beginning at a young age, schools and families can work together to create an emotionally safe, empathetic, kind, and cooperative global society.